Blue Hour

Downtown Seattle

Seattle, Wa

Photo Breakdown

Scale and Perspective

The first thing I am going to talk about is the height of the first street lamp. Notice how it appears above both the ferris wheel and skyline. This was done on purpose to provide clues about the scale of the scene.

Our brain knows that the ferris wheel and the skyline are taller then the street lamp. But when the street lamp appears taller it tells our brain that the ferris wheel and skyline are further away. It provides clues about the distances between the street lamp the the ferris wheel/skyline. It helps our brain processs the scene more accurately, therefore making the image more attractive.

Leading Lines

The second thing to point out are the leading lines. It’s pretty simple. You see the lines on the right side of the photo lead our eyes into the downtown area, which is of interest.

Light and Exposure

Finally, the last thing that makes this photo work is the light and exposure. In my opinion cities look best in this ‘blue hour’ light. By doing a long exposure more light was reflected and collected in the water which gives a cool effect.


Lake Tahoe – California

The last post was of Emerald Bay in Lake Tahoe, this photo was taken later that morning. What you see here is Vikingsholm, a scandinavian style mansion built in 1929.
Lake Tahoe - California CA

Morning Sun

Emerald Bay – Lake Tahoe, CA

If you look closely at the island you will see a small stone structure on top. It’s a tea house, an extention of the Vikingsholm estate. It’s now owned by California, who forbids you to swim out to it.

Lake Tahoe - California

Friendly Reminder

If you want to view any of these photos full screen all you have to do is click on the image. This will link you to my smugmug account ( where all my images are hosted.


Glacier National Park – Montana

So here’s some big mountains in Montana. The processing in this photo reminded of a Bierstadt painting which is the only reason I like it.

Glacier National Park - Montana

Deeper In

Seattle – Washington

It looks like I was standing in the middle of the street as a cab whizzed pass me. However there was a construction setup just behind me closing off half the street. I was safe.

If your familiar with Seattle this was taken around Pioneer Square.
Seattle - Washington

Open For Bussiness

I’m still unsure about how this blog is going to unfold. I guess I’ll post all of my portfolio shots in the next couple weeks. This will help the search engines with the indexing. After that I’ll focus on getting some more interesting content up.

Stepping Stones

This is Sand Harbor in Lake Tahoe, Nevada.  A brilliant place to take pictures.
Lake Tahoe - Nevada

Photography Tip – People add scale

Try adding people to your landscapes. People can provide scale to the scene around them. In this case the guy on the rocks provides clues to the true size of the rocks he is standing on.

Also I like adding just one person. I think that a single person adds more sense of adventure and freedom.

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